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Blaster Master Zero is an action-adventure platform video game developed and published by Inti Creates for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The game is the second reboot of Sunsoft’s Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and was released worldwide in March 2017. It was subsequently ported to Windows in June 2019, PlayStation 4 in June 2020 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in July 2021.

The game serves as a sequel to Chō Wakusei Senki: Metafight, the original Japanese version of Blaster Master, as well as a reboot of the American plot, combining plot elements and character names from Metafight with Blaster Master and its Worlds of Power novelization. In a distant future, Earth falls into an ice age, after countless wars and environmental disasters. Due to the ice age, the human race was forced to live underground.

When the ice age came to an end, humanity began making methods they learned while living underground to restore the planet and the environment. During that time, a large, mysterious comet fell to the Earth, but that did not hinder their effort to restore the lost ecosystems, and humans were able to live on the Earth’s surface once again. The game plays similarly to the NES original. Players control the SOPHIA vehicle in the side-scrolling levels, exploring environments and defeating enemies using the tank’s various weapons.

The player character Jason can also hop out of the tank to enter various passages and doors, where the view switches to an overhead perspective. Players can find various upgrades to the tank that may allow access to previously inaccessible areas. Throughout the game the player also encounters various boss characters that must be defeated to progress to later levels. A multiplayer mode allows a second player to take control of an aiming reticle to shoot at enemies.

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Blaster Master Zero

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USA, Europe & Japan


Action Adventure



Release Date

March 03, 2017


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