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Captain America - Super Soldier rom

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Captain America – Super Soldier is a 2011 third-person single-player video game published by Sega for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS. It is based on the film Captain America: The First Avenger. The story of the game takes place during the events of the film, telling Captain America’s adventures against the Red Skull and HYDRA. In France 1944, two U.S. soldiers are attacked by HYDRA, but Captain America arrives to save them and fends off the Hydra forces before contacting Howard Stark with regards to the enemy weapons.

While in communication with Peggy Carter, Captain America learns that the munitions recovered from the battle came from the Bavarian mountains based on the rare metal used and is briefed on HYDRA scientist Dr. Arnim Zola’s Project: Master Man, which involves unlocking the human genome’s secrets and achieving immortality. Captain America drops down in a village near a Bavarian castle and disables the anti-air cannons so the Invaders can enter the village before proceeding to destroy a nearby armory to prevent the Nazis from receiving more weapons.

Making his way through Hydra forces, Captain America fights Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, who manages to knock him unconscious. The former awakens in Zola’s lab, with Iron Cross and Madame Hydra restraining him as Zola explains how he drew samples of the Captain’s blood to recreate Dr. Abraham Erskine’s Super-Soldier Serum and captured some of the Invaders before imprisoning Captain America. After escaping his cell and while making his way through the complex, Captain America rescues Bucky Barnes, who informs him that Dum Dum Dugan and James Falsworth, among other POW’s, are being held captive nearby.

Captain America: Super Soldier combines a combat system inspired by the Batman: Arkham series with platforming elements. The character can use a variety of shield attacks that can be used to defeat enemies, solving puzzles, and climbing up walls. Captain America can also deploy a Tactical Vision that reveal the position of interactable surfaces. The controllable character can be upgraded through Intel points. Intel points can be collected by beating soldiers or retrieving items on the battlefield.

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Captain America - Super Soldier

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October 21, 2011


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