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Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars rom

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Conception II – Children of the Seven Stars is a Japanese role-playing video game by Spike Chunsoft and Atlus for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita platforms. It is a follow-up to Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure! in terms of gameplay, but their stories are unrelated. Conception II was released in Japan on August 22, 2013, in North America on April 15, 2014, in the PAL region in May 2014 and worldwide on August 16, 2016 for Microsoft Windows.

The game’s story follows Wake Archus (default name), a young teenage boy growing up in a world where demonic monsters pose a constant threat to society. These monsters are formed in Dusk Circles, which have formed in several locations throughout the world. After a monster attack kills Wake’s sister on the day of her wedding, Wake discovers that he has the mark of the Star God on his hand. He eagerly agrees to attend a school that trains people who bear this mark, all of whom are in their early to late teens, as the mark disappears shortly after they become adults.

Wake is discovered to have a particularly high amount of ether in his body, which allows him to enter the labyrinths within the Dusk Circles and still use Star Energy, a feat not previously believed to have been possible. As a result, Wake is called “God’s Gift” and made an instant celebrity within the school. It is also discovered that Wake has a 100% chance of creating Star Children with S-rank female students (the highest ranking within the school), which Wake and the heroine can use to fight monsters.

These children are created via a process called “classmating”, which involves Wake and the female student touching one another and then forming the Star Child via a special matryoshka doll. As the game progresses players have the ability to follow several story lines concerning the heroines such as a ghost haunting the school pool that Fuuko’s sports team practices in or Serina’s frustration with her lack of height and physical development.

Conception II is a role-playing video game with turn-based battles, in which players control a student at a high school that doubles as a training facility for demon hunters. The protagonist possesses an extremely high amount of ether in his body, which allows him to conceive Star Children to fight demons by ‘classmating’ with his other classmates. During battle, fighters can be strategically placed around the enemies, allowing players to either safely target weak points or charge head on for bigger rewards.

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Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars

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August 22, 2013


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