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Harvest Moon 3D - A New Beginning rom

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Harvest Moon 3D – A New Beginning is a game for the Nintendo 3DS released by Natsume Inc. It is the last entry in the franchise released on the Nintendo 3DS systems to receive the title of Harvest Moon. The player (male is by default named Henry and female is by default named Rachel) arrives in a town called Echo Village, where they meet Dunhill, the town’s mayor. He reveals that the town is fallen into disarray and many villagers have moved away as a result.

After showing the player their farm, the player attempts to revive the village and construct buildings to motivate the villagers into coming back and convince new people to move in. Aiding the player is the Harvest Goddess and two Harvest Sprites: Aaron and Alice. Once the player is successful, a firework celebration is held to honor their success in restoring Echo Village. The story involves reviving an abandoned town named Echo Village in order to allow the residents and animals to return.

New features to the¬†Harvest Moon series include extensive character customization, design of the house and furniture of the protagonist, and the ability to customize the appearance of the village the game takes place in. The multiplayer mode is region-free, and players can bring their cows and furry animals like sheep and alpaca, and can milk or shear each other’s animals. Sometimes a giant animal will spawn, which give players five big products.

Starting players can get a lot of money from collecting animal products in multiplayer, thus the good reception of the multiplayer feature. Players must bring a gift which will be swapped randomly at the beginning of the session. Players can do multiplayer over local connection or Internet, and with “Anyone” or “Friends”. There are twelve marriage candidates for the player to choose from, six women and six men. Each are unlocked at different points during the game as the town is developed, and three are not unlocked until the end of the game including the Witch Princess, Amir, and Sanjay.¬†

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Harvest Moon 3D - A New Beginning

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USA, Europe & Japan





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February 23, 2012


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