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Kirby: Planet Robobot is a 2016 platform game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the eleventh mainline installment in the Kirby series and the spiritual sequel to Triple Deluxe. The story follows Kirby as he defends Planet Popstar from an alien corporation known as the Haltmann Works Company that wishes to mechanize the planet so that they can plunder its natural resources. New to the series in this game is Kirby’s ability to utilize a mecha suit known as the Robobot Armor to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Planet Robobot follows a similar gameplay style to the previous Nintendo 3DS title, Triple Deluxe, taking advantage of the system’s 3D capabilities by allowing Kirby to move between multiple planes in stages. Like most games in the series, Kirby is able to inhale enemies and spit them out to attack other enemies or swallow them in order to absorb their powers. Additionally, players can gain abilities and items by scanning Amiibo figures. New to this game is a mech suit known as the Robobot Armor that Kirby can pilot, allowing him to destroy certain obstacles, lift heavy objects, and defeat large enemies.

Like Kirby, the Robobot Armor can gain variations on these abilities by scanning enemies; this can then be used to attack enemies and solve puzzles. Hidden throughout each level are Code Cubes, which are needed to progress and unlock bonus levels, and collectible stickers which can be used to customise the Robobot Armor. One day, a massive spacecraft called the Access Ark suddenly conquers and mechanizes Kirby’s home, Planet Popstar. 

King Dedede and Meta Knight try to fight back, but Castle Dedede and Meta Knight’s airship, the Halberd, are both easily destroyed by a single shot of the ship’s laser defense systems. Kirby, who slept through the entire invasion, awakens to find his planet being stripped of its energy and sets off to make things right. Kirby destroys the five bases across the five corners of Planet Popstar that serve as the Access Ark’s landing legs. In the midst of doing so, he acquires the Robobot Armor, a mysterious power suit that adapts to and enhances his powers of absorbing and copying abilities.

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Kirby Planet Robobot

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April 28, 2016


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