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Mario Sports Superstars is a 2017 sports video game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game contains five sports minigames: football, baseball, tennis, golf, and horse racing, and was released in March 2017. The game consists of five sports – football, baseball, tennis, golf, and horse racing. Despite the number of sports contained, they are not mini-games, but rather, full-scale recreations of each sport.

For example, the soccer part of the game contains eleven versus eleven gameplay, the same as is standard in the sport. Each individual sport contains single player tournaments, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer game modes. In a similar manner to another sports compilation, Mario Sports Mix, each sport plays out as its own separate mode. The tennis and golf sports play similarly to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Mario Golf: World Tour.

Each mode has its own tournament mode, a three-tier system that has eight participating players in total, catered to single players. Three cups are available, with the first cup being the Mushroom Cup, the second being the Flower Cup and the third being the Star Cup. Completing the Star Cup unlocks the Champion’s Cup, and completing said cup unlocks Star versions of playable characters, who have increased stats. The player needs to unlock Star characters for each sport individually.

Each sport has its own training mode as well, where players can practice shots or techniques freely. Alongside the main sports modes, additional tabs on the main menu screen include “amiibo Card”, “Collection”, a settings icon, and a manual icon. Coins can be earned when a task is completed, such as winning a match in exhibition or winning tournaments or finding crates with coins inside them in horse racing. They are used to buy randomly packaged cards in the shop.

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Mario Sports Superstars

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March 10, 2017


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