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Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Tipping Stars rom

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Tipping Stars is a 2015 puzzle-platform game developed by Nintendo Software Technology and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It is the sixth game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series and the 200th video game featuring Mario. The game was released worldwide in March 2015 on the Nintendo eShop for all regions, except in Japan. This is the first Nintendo-published title to support a cross-purchase concept, and the first Nintendo 3DS title to support Miiverse stamps.

If players buy one version, they receive a free download code for the other version. Tipping Stars returns to the two-dimensional side view present in installments prior to Minis on the Move, and uses Mini-Land Mayhem gameplay. Using the 3DS’ touchscreen or the Wii U GamePad, the player guides the Minis through levels within the shortest and best way possible.

To achieve this, players are given up to four items to craft the Minis’ ways such as red pathways or springs and keep them close. Once the Minis has reached the Goal Door, the remaining time is transferred to the final score, which determinates the trophy and amount of stars. If the Minis enter contact with hazards, such as enemies or spikes, the time limit is reached, or a Mini is left behind, the game is over.

Bosses are removed and replaced by a natural level in which a Cursed Mini Mario wanders. When all levels are cleared, two extras world re unlocked, as well as three Bonus worlds which is gradually unlocked by the numbers of gold trophies obtained. Both versions contain the same levels, though minor changes in the level design has been brought to fit in the 3DS’ touchscreen.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Tipping Stars

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March 05, 2015


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