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Power Rangers Megaforce rom

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Power Rangers Megaforce is a game for the Nintendo 3DS based on the Power Rangers Megaforce TV show. The game is a beat ’em up where the player can be one of the five rangers and fight the invaders. The game included a Power Rangers Megaforce trading card. The game takes place somewhere in the middle of the series with the player being introduced to Gosei who is giving them a breakdown of the current situation.

The Power Rangers have been weakened due to the Megaforce’s Power Cards being scattered after the last battle. Vrak and Metal Alice are preparing a plan to defeat the Rangers once and for all but, they need more time so, they send out monsters to distract the rangers. The game allows the player to be one of the five rangers and beat up enemies in sidescrolling stages. A single ranger is playable at a time, but they can switch freely between them using the L and R buttons.

Rangers not in battle recover their health. In combat, melee attacks use the A button and Megashots use the Y button. Melee attacks can string into combos. Each of the rangers fight differently. Power Cards are collected through the game and can be activated with the touch screen for special attacks that uses a portion of the Card Gauge. Power Cards can also be used to get past certain obstacles. The other rangers can hop in for an attack with combos.

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Power Rangers Megaforce

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USA, Europe & Japan


Beat Em Up



Release Date

November 05, 2013


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