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Rhythm Heaven Megamix, known in Europe and Australia as Rhythm Paradise Megamix, and in Japan as Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus and Rhythm World: The Best Plus in Korea, is a rhythm game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fourth game in Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series and compiles stages from the series’ previous entries; Rhythm Tengoku, Rhythm Heaven, and Rhythm Heaven Fever, as well as adding new ones.

The game was released in Japan in June 2015 and in North America, Europe, Oceania, and South Korea throughout 2016. Tibby, a citizen of Heaven World, fell into the sky into a forest at the beginning of the game. With the help of the player, the two clear several worlds, meeting several people along the way. At the Lush Tower, the game-play style slightly changes, as Remixes are added. The first fake-out scene happens after Lush Remix is cleared, where Tibby was supposed to go back to Heaven World, but falls and hits his head before he can reach Heaven World.

Several Towers appear, each containing either sequels of the games the player has played before, or entirely new games. After the player clears all 6 of the extra worlds, the second fake-out scene occurs, with Tibby being sent back up to Heaven World, but upon arrival, the place is “gloomy”. Upon clearing several more game sets, they come upon the final 3 towers. Left-hand Tower, Right-Hand Tower, and Tibby’s Mom. (The species of which Tibby belongs to become houses as they grow up.) The player clears the games in each of the 3 towers, before Heaven World returns to normal.

It had become changed because Tibby’s Mom had held her breath, due to her getting hiccups. The game shortly ends thereafter, however the player can still play the game if he or she still chooses to. Like the previous three entries in the series, Rhythm Heaven Megamix is composed of several Rhythm Games, requiring players to play in time with the music in order to clear each one. The game uses the traditional control scheme featured in the original Rhythm Tengoku, which uses the A, B, and directional buttons on the Nintendo 3DS.

The game can be optionally played with the stylus, though controls are more simplified compared to Rhythm Heaven. The game features over 100 Rhythm Games, including 70 taken from previous titles (including the GBA release, which was never released outside of Japan) and 30 brand new ones, as well as new Remix stages based on the game’s Rainbow Towers which combine the previous rhythm games in the tower (or more rhythm games) into one song.

Tower-themed elements are incorporated into the remix while every character in the present rhythm games get to wear special tower-themed alternate costumes (except for the Left-Hand, Right-Hand and Final Remixes). Ratings for the Rhythm Games are now awarded based on a score meter indicating how well the player performed. Each Rhythm Game also features a special Skill Star point, which awards bonuses for hitting a certain part of the game with precise timing. Playing through Rhythm Games earns Medals that can be used to unlock bonuses such as additional rhythm games.

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Rhythm Heaven Megamix

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June 11, 2015


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