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Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers rom

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Shin Megami Tensei – Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers is a 1997 role-playing video game developed by Atlus. The game is the second installment in the Devil Summoner series, itself a part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. Originally published by Atlus for the Sega Saturn, it was later ported to the PlayStation in 1999. A Nintendo 3DS remake was released in Japan on August 30, 2012. It featured animated battle sprites, a new intro, improved controls, smoother animation, new artwork, and quicker loading times.

It also featured fully voiced dialogue—samples of which can be listened to on the official Japanese website. The 3DS remake features 30 new demons that were not present in the original game, including Nemechi, a new demon to the series. Nemechi does not gain experience by aiding the player in battle, but instead grows stronger through the Nintendo 3DS’s Streetpass feature. Nemechi appears as a normal demon at first but will change as the player accumulates more Streetpasses.

In the western release of the game the player can use Nintendo 3DS Play Coins to strengthen Nemechi instead of relying on StreetPass. The game takes place in the small fictitious harbour town Amami City in Japan. The company Algon Soft has made Amami its headquarters, which has led to the technology in the city quickly being upgraded; Algon Soft has connected every home and business in the city to its new network in order to demonstrate how a “city of tomorrow” could work.

The Japanese government is impressed, and grants Algon Soft permission to expand the network across the rest of Japan in the coming years. It also takes place in the virtual world Paradigm X on Algon Soft’s servers, where the citizens of Amami can visit virtual attractions. Soul Hackers is a role-playing video game. Players navigate dungeons in a first person view, in which they solve puzzles and fight enemy demons in turn-based battles.

The player always has one or two human characters in their party, and also has the ability to summon up to four demons who fight on the player’s side. Players get access to demons by choosing to speak to enemy demons, and negotiating with them; negotiations can involve answering questions, intimidating the demons, or giving them items they want. Players are able to fuse several of their allied demons into one single demon; the resulting demon inherits abilities from the demons that were used to produce it.

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Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers

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August 30, 2012


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