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Snoopy’s Grand Adventure known as The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure in USA is a side-scrolling platform video game based on The Peanuts Movie. The game launched on November 3, 2015, in North America, and November 6, 2015, in Europe and Australia for the Xbox 360 and most eighth-generation platforms, becoming the first Peanuts video game released on a Nintendo platform internationally since Snoopy Tennis in 2001. It was distributed by Fox Digital Entertainment, published by Activision and developed by Behaviour Santiago.

Charlie Brown and his friends play hide and seek in his backyard while unintentionally leaving a trail of jelly beans. Snoopy finds the trail and follows them in order to locate the gang. Throughout the game, he goes through hiding spots the gang that the gang have hidden. However, due to Snoopy’s crazy imagination, he believes them to be amazing and exciting places like the Amazon, space, Aztec temple, etc. he then finds Peppermint PattyLinusLucy Van PeltFranklinPig-PenSchroeder and believing him to be the last kid standing.

Charlie Brown believes he won, but unfortunately finds that The Little Red Haired Girl won instead as Charlie came out before she came out. Despite the fact he lost (again), he is happy that she smiled at him and congratulated him. Schroeder then plays the theme for the Peanuts and everybody dances. The player plays as Snoopy and can play as Woodstock in co-op to help find Charlie Brown and his friends. In order to do this the player must go through several levels, each one ending at Snoopy’s Doghouse. Along the way the player will collect Jelly Beans, use various costumes, and find members of the Beagle Scouts. The player is able to customize Snoopy and Woodstock.

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Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

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November 03, 2015


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