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Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition rom

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Super Street Fighter IV – 3D Edition is a fighting video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. It was released as a launch game in all continents, but in Japan first on 26 February 2011. It is a port of the console game Super Street Fighter IV. The game has sold 1.3 million units worldwide for 3DS. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition plays much like the console version, Super Street Fighter IV. It plays like a traditional fighting game, utilizing 3D backgrounds and 3D characters on a 2D plane.

It has two primary modes: single-player and multi-player, the latter mode which supports both online and local play. Other modes include Team Battle, which supports up to eight players; Replay Channel, which allows players to view and share replays with others online; and rival battles, which features a dialogue sequence between two characters which depends on who they are. The battles take place between two opponents, of whom each have their own health meter that the opponent has to deplete by attacking each other.

Players win a match by either depleting the opponent’s health or merely having more health after the time runs out. The objective is to win two times in a match. If the opponents are on equal standing when the timer runs out, it is considered a loss for both opponents; if this occurs twice in one match, it results in a draw. Players use the Nintendo 3DS’ circle pad or directional pad to control their fighters, which allows players to jump, crouch, and move toward and away from opponents.

Players use the face buttons in order to performs techniques such as punches, kicks, grabs, and “personal actions.” The touchscreen can also be used to use these personal actions, which displays multiple icons for each action, though its nature depends on whether players have the difficult mode set on “Lite” or “Pro”; on Pro mode, such moves have to be performed manually. Players may filter online play opponents; this depends on whether they are playing in Lite or Pro modes. It features abilities such as “Focus Attacks” and separate meters for both “Super” and “Ultra” combos.

When in the single-player mode, if toggled on, there are additional “bonus stages” which allows a chance to receive additional points, similar to the ones found in Street Fighter II. The first challenge challenges players to break a car while the second has players break as many barrels as they can. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition features all 35 characters found in the home console version of Super Street Fighter IV. Each character has multiple unique costumes, some of which originally appeared as downloadable content in the console version, that are included on the Nintendo 3DS game card.

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Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition

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USA, Europe & Japan





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26 February 2011


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