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The Denpa Men 2 - Beyond the Waves rom

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The Denpa Men 2 – Beyond the Waves is a 3D augmented reality video game developed and published by Genius Sonority for the Nintendo 3DS’s eShop. It was released in Japan on September 26, 2012, in North America and Europe on May 30, 2013. The Denpa Men 2 is the sequel to The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave. It has new enhanced features, new Denpa Men, and a slightly customised rule-set. Another new addition is that your hero Denpa Man now speaks.

However, the voice is quite high and squeaky, turning key suspense building parts of the story into more of a joke, a laugh, designed purely to distract you and make you trip up during boss fights. The Streetlamp is a new item that lets you explore the Cave of Darkness when ‘streetpassing’ with others. This extends the amount of time the Streetlamp can maintain its light.

This game occurs some time after The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave, starting in the protagonist and Crystal’s new home with their 2 kids (Jasper and Amber). An Ook trespasses their lawn, and the protagonist battles him, after his defeat, the enraged Ook call some of his friends and kidnaps Crystal and her kids. Now is up to the protagonist to recruit more Denpa Men in order to save them.

After defeating King Ook, the protagonist frees his/her child. However, the protagonist soon discovers that a portal has opened to a room with 6 buttons, each representing a priest. The protagonist must fight the 6 priests to unlock the door of the Evil Witches Tower, which is perched on the tallest mountain in the Denpa Men planet. Along the way the protagonist finds out the world has changed landforms due to the Evil Witch and her bad intentions.

Digitoll is now in ruins, the Guardian Tower has been destroyed, and the once frozen-over Polar cap from Denpa Men 3 has melted away revealing an underground cave of horror and danger. (This explains why the planet in Denpa Men 3 looks different from the planet in Denpa Men 2) The title features open -orld gameplay, which requires the user to locate stages before completing them. Shortly after the previously mentioned proceedings, the possibility of leaving Digitown is introduced.

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The Denpa Men 2 - Beyond the Waves

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September 26, 2012


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