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Here we will go through the installation steps on how to install Citra on Android devices, by simply downloading the pre-compiled Citra release or by building from source.

Download Citra for Android

File Name

Citra Android Universal

File Size



2104 Nightly


Citra Team

Release Date

4 March 2024


Installing Citra on Android

Download and install the Citra APK file from above. Once installed follow the on-screen instructions to set your User and Games folder.

Building from Source

To build Citra from source, you simply need to install:

For now, here’s a quick summary on how to do so.

  1. Start Android Studio, on the startup dialog select Open.
  2. Navigate to the citra/src/android directory and click on OK.
  3. In Build > Select Build Variant, select release or relWithDebInfo as the “Active build variant”.
  4. Build the project with Build > Make Project or run it on an Android device with Run > Run 'app'.