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Here we will go through the installation steps on how to install Citra on Windows 10/11 PC’s, by simply downloading the pre-compiled Citra release or by building from source.

Download Citra for Windows

File Name

Citra Windows MSVC

File Size



2104 Nightly


Citra Team

Release Date

4 March 2024


Installing Citra on Windows

  1. After the download, extract the file using 7zip or by using the built-in Windows extractor. Right click > Extract All… For best results, ensure that the location you choose to extract the program has read/write access enabled; we recommend Desktop, Documents, or Downloads folders for this purpose.

  2. Open the folder and double click the citra-qt.exe to launch Citra.
citra for windows
Make sure to run the citra-qt.exe

More information regarding the executables;

  • citra-qt.exe is the version of Citra that uses a GUI (Graphical User Interface). It is the default Citra used when installed and what most users would use.
  • citra-room.exe is related to local wireless multiplayer
  • citra.exe is the version of Citra that can be launched through commands (i.e. no GUI). Not recommended unless the user knows what they are doing.
citra windows
Successfully launched Citra

Building from Source

To build Citra from source, you simply need to install:

After the installation of both Visual Studio and CMake, extract the citra source code and open up CMake.

  • Click on Browse Source and select the Source Code folder you downloaded and extracted.
  • Now create your Build folder or CMake will prompt to create it for you.

Next, go to configure and select Visual Studio 17 2022 with x64 under Optional platform for generator.

Now click Finish to configure. After configuring is done, click on Generate.

With a successful Visual Studio solution generated, we can head over to the build folder and open up citra.sln

Click on the Release tab and then run Rebuild Solution.

After a successful rebuild, you will now find a newly compiled Citra within your build folder > bin > Release > Run citra-qt.exe to launch Citra!