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Dead or Alive Dimensions is a fighting game developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo Koei for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Nintendo released the game in PAL regions. Originally planned as a launch title for the 3DS before being delayed due to 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, DOAD makes use of the console’s unique features. Dimensions can be considered a compilation game rather than a truly new entry in the Dead or Alive series, similar to the likes of Mortal Kombat Trilogy or Tekken Tag Tournament. It offers 26 playable fighters, more than any previous installment in the franchise, and uses a modified engine of Dead or Alive 4.

Its plot compiles the stories of the previous four main DOA games with additional details, focusing on Kasumi for 1, Ryu Hayabusa for 2, Ayane for 3, and Helena Douglas for 4. Dead or Alive: Dimensions plot spans the first four main games in the Dead or Alive series, which also unfold the hidden truth within its stories. In Dead or Alive Dimensions, the action is displayed on the top screen of the Nintendo 3DS, while the special fighting moves are displayed on the touch screen below. 

DOAD incorporates a Chronicle Mode feature, which acts as a story mode in the game, going through all four Dead or Alive tournaments as the player assumes the roles of various fighters from the series. The other modes featured are Arcade (in which the player fights for additional time), Survival (in which the player fights until he defeats all opponents or is knocked out), Free Play, Training, Showcase (in which the player position 3D models on a stage and takes 3D photos of them), and 3D Photo Album (in which the player views the photos taken in Showcase mode).

The game’s stages are mostly taken from Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive 4 (both stage are also taken from Dead or Alive Ultimate). The substantial new content in the game are the Freedom Survivor stage and the inclusion of a stage based on Metroid: Other M – a Wii game co-developed by Team Ninja with Nintendo – with characters from that game appearing as stage hazards (but not playable fighters).

The characters Kasumi Alpha, Genra, and Alpha-152 who were boss characters in the previous games are made playable for the first time as unlockable characters. Shiden, who first appeared in Dead or Alive Ultimate, makes his first playable appearance as an unlockable boss character. The 3DS’s touch screen is used to make the characters execute special fighting moves, while the top screen is used for displaying the fight, in a similar fashion to Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition.

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Dead or Alive Dimensions

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May 19, 2011


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