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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo 3DS. Released in 2014 alongside “Pokémon Omega Ruby,” it is an enhanced remake of the 2003 Game Boy Advance title “Pokémon Sapphire.” The game is set in the Hoenn region and features numerous updates and additions that utilize the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS to enhance the original experience.

Several aspects make “Pokémon Alpha Sapphire” particularly acclaimed and enjoyable on the Nintendo 3DS:

  1. Enhanced Graphics and 3D Effects: Utilizing the 3DS’s hardware, the game features fully 3D graphics and cinematic animations, providing a more immersive and visually appealing experience compared to the original 2D graphics of the Game Boy Advance version.

  2. Mega Evolutions: Continuing from “Pokémon X” and “Pokemon Y,” “Alpha Sapphire” includes the popular Mega Evolution feature, allowing certain Pokémon to evolve temporarily into a more powerful form during battle. This adds an extra layer of depth and strategy to battles.

  3. Primal Reversion: Unique to “Omega Ruby” and “Alpha Sapphire,” Primal Reversion is a special kind of transformation for the legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon. This feature not only enhances these Pokémon’s powers but also significantly affects the game’s environment and weather conditions during battles, impacting strategies.

  4. Delta Episode: A new narrative feature, the Delta Episode is a storyline that unfolds after the main game’s completion. It introduces additional lore related to the Hoenn region, featuring the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza and Deoxys, and provides extra hours of gameplay.

  5. PokéNav Plus and DexNav: These tools are significant upgrades over their predecessors, offering advanced features such as the DexNav for finding hidden Pokémon and tracking which Pokémon have been caught in a particular area. The PokéNav Plus improves the overall navigational experience, making exploration more engaging.

  6. Secret Bases: Players can create their own Secret Bases, which can be customized and shared with other players. These bases can also be used to set up battles and capture-the-flag-style games, adding a personal and competitive element to the game.

  7. Contest Spectaculars: Enhanced from the original contests, these allow players to compete in Pokémon contests with improved graphics and more interactive features. Players can also dress up their Pokémon in various costumes, adding a fun aesthetic element to the contests.

  8. Global Connectivity: The game includes robust online features that allow for easy trading and battling with players around the world, enhancing the community aspect of the game.

  9. Region and Story: The rich environment of the Hoenn region, with its diverse landscapes and ecosystems, provides a compelling backdrop for the adventure. The storyline adds depth to the world, with the conflict between Team Aqua and Team Magma driving much of the plot in “Alpha Sapphire.”

These features combine to make “Pokémon Alpha Sapphire” a deeply engaging experience on the Nintendo 3DS. It blends nostalgia for longtime fans with contemporary enhancements, making it a standout title in the Pokémon series.

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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

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Nintendo 3DS


USA, Europe, Korea & Japan


Role Playing



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21 November 2014


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